A Comprehensive List of Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces

Gone are the days when all homes, commercial places, and recreation areas had grass donning the landscape. Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance, is prone to pest and weed attack, and gets muddy when it is raining. Outdoor synthetic surfaces are the solutions to imperfections caused by natural grass. Below, we have rounded up a comprehensive list of outdoor synthetic surfaces. Keep reading.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is mostly used in sports facilities and has a wide range of benefits. Unlike regular grass, they are all-weather and suitable for use even on rainy days. Players will not run or play on mad, and this makes it a favorite in wet seasons. Another advantage is that they are versatile and endure rough games.

Grass requires time to recover after a play, however with artificial turf, there is no delay between consecutive games. Synthetic turf requires less maintenance since it does not require weeding, watering, mowing, or pest control, which is familiar with artificial grass. Finally, the artificial turf ensures fairness and consistency in a game.

Dog Turf

Artificial turf is useful in making a bathroom for your dogs. Turf fake grass synthetic surface has unique features such as urine resistance. Therefore it does not soak in urine, unlike normal grass. Fake grass is suitable mostly if you have a dog in your apartment. It is also useful in potty training and keeps away the dogs from using mats and carpets as bathroom areas. Most artificial turfs for dogs consist of natural fiber and are thus eco-friendly.

Synthetic Grass For Sports Courts

Synthetic grass is mostly used in a tennis or basketball court. It is also crucial for homes that have backyard courts where families can engage in sporting activities. Artificial grass for tennis courts is easy to maintain, durable, and cost-effective. They have a natural appeal and are safe since they are fitted with a drainage system for absorbing moisture quickly.

Putting Greens

Putting greens is a popular artificial turf. You are likely to find them in areas that require a special type of grass in terms of flexibility. These include golf courses where the surface is designed to meet specific standards for efficiency.

Putting green are custom solutions for lawns, and each product performs differently depending on use. Mostly they mimic regular grass on golf courses, which is perfectly trimmed. Some options may have tall grass.

Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns are well manicured and are a favorite if you would like to enhance your backyard or lanes. They are appealing, requiring less maintenance. Also, they give a curb appeal to homes, are cost-effective, and conserve water. They are suitable for use in commercial places and sports arenas.

Rubber Mulch

As the name suggests, rubber mulch is made of a variety of materials, from non-toxic to old rubber material from tires. It is suitable for gardening and also to landscape your compound. It is thicker than grass and a perfect choice due to the elasticity of rubber. You will mostly find this surface in children’s playgrounds since it ensures safety from falls and injuries.

The advantage of using rubber mulch is that there is little maintenance, and it is durable. Also, it resists attacks from insects and fungi. There are many designs to choose from, depending on your preference.

Crossfit Artificial Turf

Quite often, you will find that athletes participating in CrossFit sports require a dedicated surface for practice. Most of these programs are intensive and involve extreme workouts for strength building. CrossFit turf is suitable for such facilities and has lots of benefits when you compare to a carpet.
Its high quality and you are guaranteed maximum performance during an exercise session. These are dense with short blades, thus help in boosting your agility when you dart or lift heavyweight.

The CrossFit turf has extra padding that helps in absorbing shock when using weights. It also helps in minimizing pressure on the knees. The bounce is good and therefore promotes fast recovery. The turf also protects the floor from abrasion caused by weights and heavy equipment.

Artificial Grass For Kids Playgrounds

Schools, recreation centers, and other sporting areas are installing synthetic grass. These are easy to maintain, durable and can handle pressure or heavy use. These surfaces are also safe for use and protect small children when they fall. They are gentle on kids since they do not have pollen or allergens.
Synthetic grass does not require the use of pesticides, weed killers or fertilizers. They are safe on the environment and also to your kids. There is better drainage even when it is wet, it stays dry and thus does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria.

Outdoor synthetic surfaces are a cost-effective way to revamp your compound and enhance its appeal. They are safe to use on any weather and require less maintenance. They are most useful in outdoor landscaping of sporting facilities such as football fields and tennis courts. They are also helpful for indoor use for bathroom places for your pets.