Your grass does not have to die this winter.

This could be the year that you do not have to worry about reseeding, re-sodding, mowing or watering if you switch to a synthetic lawn.  Everyday people are saying Forget Grass and switching to maintenance free synthetic turf.  Whether you have a small patio yard that you could use our artificial turf remnants or an estate size lot that can benefit from our wholesale synthetic turf roll pricing we can guarantee that your yard will look spectacular.  A perfectly manicured synthetic lawn will set your home apart from the others on the block.  The perfect complement to our Synthetic Turf is our Rubber Mulch.  Rubber Mulch makes excellent low maintenance landscapes and flower beds, Rubber Mulch users notice a dramatic reduction in weed growth, a reduction in water use, huge savings over time due to rubber mulches longevity, and the pride of having the best looking home on the block.  For more information on designing a synthetic landscape or to order materials please email or call 866-599-8288.

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