Why Wire Free?

www.outdoorsyntheticsurfaces.com is so proud to be the exclusive provider of the 100 percent wire free Jelly Bean  rubber mulch for churches, parks, schools, daycares and other commercial playgrounds


The Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is the most popular product for playground surfaces as it is much cleaner and safer than recycled tire mulch.  It is more affordable than poured rubber, rubber tiles and synthetic turf and carries a longer lifespan.  The Jelly Bean Play Mix will save you money over natural wood mulch over time. Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch does not have to be replaced regularly to maintain compliance, will not rot, clog drains, cause allergies, or attract insects.

The Jelly Bean Play Mix is a true 100% wire free non-tire rubber mulch. Since there is no steel in the rubber to begin with, we keep it in 2 inch pieces to prevent it from getting stuck in shoes or being brought back into schools.  This material is recycled pre-consumer virgin SBR rubber that comes from Playground safety tiles.  When the tiles are cut, some scrap is produced and we chop it uniformly in a high tech shredder to make the play mix. Another advantage of this material is that since the color is the actual color of the rubber and not painted on, you will never have to worry about paint leaching on the kids like with all other rubber mulch.  The material is sterile, latex free, odorless, 100% free of contaminants and does not hold heat.  The product meets all state and federal requirements for playground safety.  The Jelly Bean Play Mix has been tested to meet or exceed all ASTM guidelines for head impact attenuation and ADA accessibility.  The product carries a 20 year warranty, but since the material is vulcanized it will most likely be around much longer.

We can handle all orders from 5-500 tons.  Please fill out the contact form and we will send you a quote

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