Top Five Benefits of Rubber Playground Mulch

Rubber mulch in Houston has grown in popularity for landscapes and playgrounds because of their numerous health benefits. It is cost effective, safe for children, and provides extra cushioning for those falls that are bound to happen sooner or later when a group of kids are running wild on the playground. When it comes to child safety, parks, neighborhoods, and home playgrounds can truly benefit from using recycled inner tube playground mulch.

The safest type of rubber playground mulch are those that are made from recycled inner tubes that have absolutely no wire in them. This prevents children from getting scraped when playing on the ground or when they fall. Rubber mulch made from tires are often ground into small pieces with the wire still intact. Inner tube mulch has no wires and is kept in larger pieces so they do not get trapped in kids’ shoes and clothing.

Protect Children with Recycled Rubber Playground Mulch

Recycled inner tube playground mulch is kept at six inches thick to be the best protection for falls. Playground safety mulch absorbs the most shock impact than any other standard surface material. This makes a huge difference since there are 1,500 visits to the emergency room everyday from playground injuries.

It seems like more and more children are developing allergies. Dust can be an irritant that other playground surfaces produce. Recycled rubber mulch for playgrounds does not make or gather dust. It is also odorless and nontoxic so children and pets are safe when enjoying playtime. Rubber mulch does not attract termites or other insects. It does not float away which means less has to be continually bought to replace pieces have been lost throughout the year.

Rubber playground mulch comes in all sorts of colors. Parents can find their child’s favorite color to add it to their backyard playground. Neighborhoods can choose a mulch that matches landscaping or is bright and colorful to simulate children. With countless positive aspects of rubber mulch, every playground can benefit from its uniqueness and safety qualities.

Houston recycled rubber playground mulch by Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces lets parents and children enjoy the outdoors on safety mulch made from recycled inner tubes. Other synthetic surfaces they offer include landscape rubber mulch and synthetic pet turfs.

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