Synthetic Turf for Lawns

If you are looking for the highest quality synthetic turf lawns for your next residential or commercial project, look no further than Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces. With increasing water shortages and growing environmental concerns more and more homeowners, businesses, and government/ municipalities are turning to artificial grass turf for landscaping.  Synthetic lawn turf eliminates the need for constant maintenance, including irrigation, aerating, mowing and the application of harmful fertilizers and other chemicals. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces is one of the most trusted providers of Synthetic Turf products on the market today! Buy Direct and Save! Contact us today about your next project!


From Day Care’s to Play Grounds we got you covered! Our synthetic turf play systems make your play area much cleaner and safer.

We offer play area safe zones with up to a 12′ fall rating.

Depending on the weather it can be challenging for day cares and schools to provide places to provide recreation and physical fitness for their students because of muddy situations.

Synthetic turf is good for children with grass allergies.

Also our synthetic turf products require no maintenance, which equals no exposure to lawn chemicals, pesticides or harmful fertilizers. Also synthetic turf cuts down on pests such as fleas, ants and ticks just to name a few.  Our products are free of lead and other heavy metals.  Our synthetic turf is also much cleaner than the materials usually used in play ground areas such as, wood mulch, pea gravel,mud etc…. Some of the materials used are not only dirty but dangerous.

So give us a call today and ask us about our play area systems.

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