Synthetic Surfacing Can Increase Your Homes Resale Value

While once reserved to only athletic fields synthetic grass is popping up all over the world at businesses and homes.  The benefits of using synthetic surfacing include ease of maintenance, durability, safety and value.  Artificial turf will set your home apart by making it become the yard of the neighborhood.  Realtors know that a homeowner wants green grass and nice landscaping without the headaches of maintenance.  Another valuable selling point of Synthetic lawns is the amount of money that can be saved over the life of the lawn because there is no need to mow, water, fertilize or re sod ever again after installation.  The Savings are not just limited to Synthetic Lawn Turf, Rubber Mulch can also save you money over its lifetime.  Rubber Mulch owners use less water in their landscaping and don’t have to worry about weeds taking over.  They also do not have to re-mulch every year and when their neighbors wood mulch is faded, the homeowner who chose rubber mulch will be still be enjoying the beauty of a freshly mulched landscape.  Rubber Mulch is also the best choice for a back yard play set as well.  Rubber mulch is the safest of all surface options on the market and the cost effective option since it lasts forever.

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