Synthetic Safety Surfaces For Softer Landings

Synthetic safety surfaces have gained popularity over the past few years as liability concerns are raised by public venues and the populace has become more environmentally conscious.  These surfaces are rubber based and manufactured from high grade recycled tires. It is the bounce-back quality of rubber that affords the softer landing during falls or athletic exercise.  Synthetic sports surfaces such as playing fields and running or walking tracks absorb the shock of impact on feet, knees and the lower back.

The recycled rubber is processed into a number of products. These include solid compounds that are used as matting, mulch-like pellets that are used for landscaping and crumb rubber that is finely processed and used as a foundation for synthetic grass, as well as road paving when mixed with asphalt. The non-slippery nature of the material makes it suitable for high traffic areas, especially if there is a likelihood of spillage, such as restaurant kitchens, bars and marina or pool areas.

The rubber mulch product has two distinct purposes depending upon the type of rubber that is processed.  Mulch that has been recycled from tires is used for landscaping. This type of mulch is far superior to natural mulch products in its ability to retain moisture, ward off insects and pests and retain its place without yearly replacement. Environmentally, it keeps rubber tires out of landfills and conserves natural resources.

Playground mulch is processed from wire-free rubber which means tire rubber is not used for this product.  For anyone who is familiar with the term, steel-belted radial tires, this refers to the fact that the tires are reinforced with steel belts.  When these tires are recycled it is virtually impossible to eliminate all of the steel wire.  Even claims that rubber mulch is 99% free of steel wire cannot be substantiated because the rubber could still contain up to 20 pounds of wire.  While this product is highly suitable for landscaping, only 100% wire-free rubber mulch is appropriate for playgrounds.

Wire-free rubber surfaces are manufactured from other sources than tires.  Pre-consumer sterile rubber that is free of any contaminants, plus rubber from other manufacturers that would otherwise end up in a landfill are excellent sources for surfaces that will protect little hands and knees.

The fact that wire does not have to be extrapolated from the rubber results in the end product being highly cost-efficient for the manufacturer and consumer alike.  Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe under foot are all contributing factors for why synthetic safety surfaces are employed more often than not in outdoor and indoor spaces.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces is a premier wholesale provider of rubber and synthetic landscapes in Houston. Their rubber and synthetic turf products add beauty and functionality to accommodate residential lawns, courtyards and athletic playing fields.  Based in Houston, Texas, OSS turf provide synthetic  products that  are specifically designed to look and feel like real grass.

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