Synthetic Lawns:The Look Without the Hassle

Houston, synthetic lawns are starting to appear in commercial and residential areas. Businesses and home owners are discovering that they can have lush, green grass all year, with none of the difficult maintenance that goes along with managing natural grass. By installing fake grass and artificial lawns, you can achieve the look without the hassle.

Beyond the convenience of having synthetic grass, there are many practical benefits as well. With frequent water shortages due to the summer heat in Houston, watering a lawn can be a hassle. During restriction, water can only be used at certain times, often at night. This can be frustrating to your schedule, which is why many lawns simply go unwatered. This can leave your yard in a state of disrepair. For businesses, doing their own lawn maintenance is often impractical. So they’re often forced to relegate a significant portion of their budget to their lawn. Since a yard is often a customer or visitor’s first impression of your home or business – a vibrant, green lawn is important. Artificial grass is the only way to ensure this all year ‘round.

Yet another advantage to having an artificial lawn is avoiding the use dangerous fertilizing chemicals. These chemicals are often environmentally damaging, and exposure to them poses a number of serious health risks. These risks include a danger of developing a cancer like leukemia, developing or irritating a pre-existing asthma condition, irritating allergies, or even causing decreased fertility. Lawn maintenance services take care to make sure yards are safe after treatments with these chemicals, which often involves a practical quarantine of the area where the fertilizers were used. But some ask ‘Why take the chance?’. Many children’s playgrounds are using artificial turf to avoid such problems. These play places are much cleaner and are a safer environment for younger children. More and more we’re seeing synthetic lawns in Houston.

Some choose artificial grass due to a grass allergy or other health concern. Still others choose it to avoid insect and pest problems. Whatever your reason for choosing a synthetic lawn, you’ll find it’s a great alternative to natural grass.


Houston Synthetic Lawns are provided by Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, a Houston, TX based company that offers synthetic products. They strive to be environmentally friendly, and provide the highest quality synthetics for their customers.

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