Safety Surfacing in Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

More and more Restaurant, Bar and club owners are calling in to order safety surfacing for their establishments.  With the amount of slip and fall lawsuits that are popping up it only makes sense to protect your customers and your investment.  Wether it is a lady in heels or a man in a pair of leather soled dress shoes it does not take much to cause an accident if a drink hits the floor.  We offer safety surfacing that is easy to install, keep clean and last for many years.  We are able to provide synthetic turf or rubber tiles for restaurant terraces,  bar patios and roof top applications.  Many bar owners are sprucing up there old wooden decks with synthetic turf.  When the deck starts to crack it becomes more of a hazard and owners face the challenge or repair and replacement.  Synthetic turf is easily installed over concrete or wood decks with very little base preparation.  Contact us for our current synthetic turf remnant inventory and for products we have on sale.

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