Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds for Kids’ Safety

Playground rubber mulch may not be the first thing parents think about regarding playground safety. However, it can be a great tool to help prevent kids from getting hurt after bumps and falls. With so many types of playground surfaces available today it can be confusing when trying to decide what to use on your playground. Safety should be a main concern when making decisions about a playground and rubber playground mulch is an excellent option that many people have chosen across the country.

Children do not keep their safety in mind when they get to a playground. They run, jump, slide, climb, and inevitably fall. The playground’s surface plays an important role when these falls happen. Some types of surfaces do not have good shock-absorption and have a higher chance of children that must go to the emergency room. Choosing a playground surface means it has a high shock-absorbency so children can get back up on their feet and continue playing. Rubber playground mulch has been tested by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, The U.S. Testing Company, as well as state and federal agencies and has consistently absorbed more shock impact than any other standard surface material.

Another safety factor that rubber mulch for playground has is due to the fact that it is recycled using rubber that does not come from tires. The difference is that tire rubber has wires that are in the mix and non-tire rubber does not. This is the safest choice for playgrounds due to little children being exposed to it.

Rubber playground mulch can be seen at many public playgrounds across the country as residents learn how much safer it is than other surfaces. Less maintenance is required with rubber mulch and there are a wide variety of colors available so you can choose to match the surrounding landscaping or choose a bright color that stimulates children. Either way, kids will love playing on rubber mulch and parents will love how safe they are on it.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, a Houston-based company, sells rubber playground mulch around the world that helps prevent children from getting hurt on the playground. They also sell a selection of other types of synthetic surfaces, including recycled landscape rubber mulch and synthetic pet turf.

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