Rubber Mulch for Playground Safety

Rubber mulch has become a popular choice to use on playgrounds because of its various benefits. One of those benefit is that it helps prevent serious injuries in children. Sooner or later, when running, jumping, sliding, and swinging a fall or bump is bound to happen. When it comes to protecting children, parents want what is best for them and rubber mulch is exactly that. Rubber playground mulch comes in a variety of colors so it can look as natural or as colorful as you want while it has higher shock-absorption than regular mulch.

State and federal agencies have conducted tests to see how much shock-absorption rubber playground mulch provides compared to regular mulch. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Testing Company have tested rubber chips and have found that it does absorb more shock than standard surface materials. In fact, the tests they have conducted have found that a layer of rubber mulch that is at least six inches deep is the best play surface available today. Other surfaces they tested include pea gravel, wood and bark mulch, course sand, and fine gravel but rubber mulch comes out on top. It can double the safety of a playground because of how much shock it can absorb.

There are rubber playground mulches available that do not get slippery because it retains small amounts of moisture that is just enough to keep it from getting dusty or slippery. This can come in handy when sprinklers hit the playground or after a rainfall because children can still run around on the playground without slipping and falling. When walking onto a playground with rubber playground mulch you can automatically tell the difference. Other play surfaces seem just as hard as your front yard but as soon as you walk on recycled playground mulch you can feel the “give” it has. Parents with active children do not want to worry about their children hurting themselves on a playground and recycled rubber mulch lets them feel more at ease during playtime.

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