Rubber Mulch for All Landscapes

Nothing says it is springtime like fresh flowers blooming in flower beds. It is great to be able to sit outside and enjoy the view while it lasts. However, that is not always the case when mulch has to be spread and weeds have to be pulled. With a landscape rubber mulch, homeowners will not have to strain their backs to get their lawn looking perfect. Instead, they can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the world go by their beautiful garden.

The great thing about recycled rubber mulch is that it looks great year-round without having to buy more each season. Color gardens really pop with some brown or black rubber mulch. The color does not fade so winter plants can look just as nice as those in the spring and summer. Another benefit to rubber mulch is that it helps insulate plants from harsh winter temperatures and winds. The plants roots are kept at a temperature that is better for them so they can flourish.

These shrubs could really shine with some recycled rubber mulch that is a California Redwood color. The redness of the mulch will help the shrubs pop out when close up or looking from a distance. An additional benefit to landscape rubber mulch is that it does not attract insects, including mosquitoes and termites. It retains moisture underneath while staying dry on top so mosquitoes cannot nest.
Recycled rubber landscape mulch does not have to be used only for flower gardens. Vegetable gardens can also benefit from its unique qualities of protecting roots to promote a plant’s growth. Vegetable growers can choose a rubber mulch in black to match the soil’s natural color or green for natural grass. Rubber mulch for landscapes can even just be laid in between vegetables for a cleaner looking path.

No matter what type of landscape you have, recycled landscape rubber mulch can increase its attractiveness and make every passer-by take a second look. It is a cost-effective way to win your neighborhood’s yard-of-the-month that lasts for years. Whether you are looking for black, green, brown, or blue, there is a rubber mulch in that color that will fit in perfectly with your garden.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces provides a wide selection of rubber mulch colors to match any landscape. They offer other types of synthetic surfaces, including synthetic pet turfs and recycled rubber playground mulch to fit every one’s needs.
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