Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats

Recycled Rubber Curbs and Rubber Wear Mats are the perfect complements to your Rubber Mulch.

Rubber Curbs are the most secure and efficient playground barrier available.  All of our curbs are flexible and have an unbelievable ten year warranty.

Rubber Curbs

  • Stackable
  • More Durable than wood and plastic
  • Will not decompose or splinter
  • Non-toxic and mantitenance free
  • Flexable with rounded edges
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • 100% Recycled rubber
  • Does not contain CCA or other Harmful Chemicals
  • Hardware and caps included
  • Interlocking
  • Availble in 6 ft lengths, 4″, 6″ inch heights
  • Neutral Brown Tone-compatible with all rubber mulch colors

Wear Mats- The final touch for your playground

Designed to help provide extra cushioning in the high impact areas such as swings and slides.

We have several different sizes available to accommodate your needs

Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats FAQs

In what sizes are Rubber Curbs available?

Rubber curbs come in two heights: 6″ and 8″. All curbs are 6 feet long and 4″ wide..

How are Rubber Curbs installed?

All Rubber Curbs come with pre-drilled holes. We sell stakes with a galvanized head. We recommend three rebar strips which measure 1/2″ x 30″ per curb. These strips should be driven straight into the ground.

Can Rubber Curbs be cut or shortened?

Rubber Curbs can be easily cut down to size using a miter saw.

Can Rubber Curbs be bent?

Yes. Rubber Curbs can be bent in the middle to a ninety degree angles.

What size are Rubber Wear Mats?

Rubber Wear Mats come in 24″x24″x2″ thick.

Where should Rubber Wear Mats be installed?

Rubber Wear Mats are made to enhance the safety of high-impact areas, such as swings and slides. The mats can be positioned midway through the Rubber Mulch; the remaining Rubber Mulch should then be raked evenly on top.

Wear Mats can also be placed directly on top of the Rubber Mulch.

Do Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats contain steel?

No. Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats are passed through four state-of-the art magnets, a process which completely removes any residual traces of steel. These extra precautions guarantee that Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats are 99.9% steel-free.

Do Rubber Curbs or Wear Mats fall apart, disintegrate, or decay?

No. The vulcanizing process that all tires undergo renders them basically indestructible. Since Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats are made of 100% tire rubber, they will never decompose or crumble.

Do Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats ever become dusty or slippery?

No. Rubber holds on to just enough moisture to prevent dust and slipperiness from building up, while draining excess moisture almost instantaneously.

Do Rubber Curbs and Wear Mats Stain the play area or clothing of playground users?

No. No matter the weather Rubber Mats and Curbs will never stain or Bleed.


We also supply 4 foot plastic playground timbers in 8 inch and 12 inch heights.  These are super durable and a cost effective solution for containment of loose fill playground mulch.


Make sure you protect your investment of rubber mulch with a proper containment solution.  Why use something that is going to rot and decay in a few years when your mulch will last for decades.