“Our Purpose is to provide the safest products available for your children to play on.”

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Founder Nic Campesi

Playground Rubber Mulch

Not all playground rubber mulch is the same!  Beware of  Recycled TIRE mulch For Playgrounds!  Recycled tire Rubber Mulch manufacturers are selling rubber mulch with up to 20 pounds of embedded steel in it per ton.

Dont believe me, read their own websites and packaging.  99.99 percent wire free by volume still means 1 pound of wire per ton.  Almost all of this stuff sold is made by the same manufacturer and just labeled differently.


Bought from the worlds largest retailer June 2014

weight, with rubber attached, on precision scale, do you see the problem?

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces only Sells wire free premium playground rubber mulch. We specialize in excellent quality at a fair price, contact us today for a quote!  We competitively ship Nationwide!

Making Kids Safer, One Playground at a Time

We have the only true 100 percent wire free Rubber Mulch for playgrounds.  Because it comes from virgin SBR rubber rather than tire tread, it’s guaranteed 100% metal and wire-free, making it the SAFEST CHOICE for any application.

The material we recycle to make this product is actually rubber tiles that was manufactured to go into schools in the first place.  We just take the tiles that do not meet spec and the cut-offs and put them in the chipper.  They are non-toxic, latex free and sterile.

Unlike recyclers who grind tires to small pieces to get most of the wire out, we keep our Rubber Mulch in larger sized pieces to prevent them from getting stuck in kids shoes and being transported back into Buildings.  The result is a product that will not float, blow away and exceeds the testing parameters of critical fall height safety of testing laboratories at 6 inches.  All Products we offer meet all ASTM guidelines for Playground Safety, including ADA.

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One of the most important features to consider when installing playground equipment is the surfacing. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 550,000 children receive emergency room care for playground equipment-related injuries each year. The majority of these injuries result from falls to the ground surface below the equipment rather than falls from one part of the equipment to another. While surfacing options are endless, rubber mulch has superior shock absorbing properties according to the CPSC (Handbook for Public Playground Safety). But not all rubber mulch is the same. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces premium rubber mulch is ABSOLUTELY 100% metal free, because it is made from recycled Non-tire Rubber. All other playground rubber mulch products are made from dirty recycled waste tires, which inherently contain wire. Imbedded tire wire is very difficult to completely remove and can pose safety issues.  The tire mulch that we do offer is striped of the belting before recycling and run through a system of  powerful magnets to insure there is no wire in the rubber mulch.

Playground Premium Rubber Mulch FAQs

Is there any steel content in Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing?

No, unlike our competitors, Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing is produced from non-tire rubber rather than tire rubber and guaranteed to be 100% wire-free making it the SAFEST CHOICE for any application.

How is shock-absorption determined?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Testing Company, and the State of Illinois, among numerous state and federal agencies, independent laboratories and licensed testing companies have conducted various tests designed to measure the shock-absorption of various surface materials as they relate to falling objects. Tire rubber chips have been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material. This is particularly important because more than 550,000 playground injuries end up in the emergency room every year. That is more than 1,500 visits per day. The majority of those injuries are attributed to falls. Therefore you can’t afford to have anything less for your child’s safty than Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Playground Surfacing.

Why is Rubber mulch from Non Tire better than rubber mulch from tires for a playground?

Not only is our premium rubber mulch 100 percent wire free, it SURPASSES tire rubber and all other IPEMA listed products for SAFETY FALL PROTECTION per DTL Evaluation, ASTM standards. (ASTM F1292-04).  It is also kept in larger pieces than tire rubber which prevents it from getting stuck in kids shoes and clothes.  Our Rubber Mulch Stays on the playgrounds where it belong!  Since we do not paint the material you never have to worry about the paint coming off like all tire products.  Hint, there is no paint that is all going to stay on rubber

Will Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing disintegrate or decompose?

No. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing is made from 100% vulcanized rubber. The vulcanizing process makes the rubber almost indestructible.

Is Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing ever dusty or dirty like tire mulch?

No. In addition to promoting almost instantaneous drainage, this product does not leach like tire mulch. This product is much cleaner than old dirty tires, go to any school that put tire mulch down and look at all of the kids.  Their parents will have them in black shoes because they cannot keep lighter colors clean.

Does Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Mulch wash or blow away?

No. Outdoor Synthetic SurfacesPremium Rubber Surfacing and Mulch is too heavy to be significantly affected by normal high winds and does not float.

What colors does Premium Rubber Surfacing come in?

Tire recyclers have to put paint on their rubber to keep it from putting black streaks on the kids.   The big problem is that all paint comes off.  Read their warranties, it clearly states that it will not lose all of its paint in the next 12 years.

Where do you think the paint is going?

We do not paint our product unless requested.  We sell it as one color, which is a Mix called Jelly Bean


Jelly Bean, Its a mix of colors that is perfect for a kids play area.  It kind of looks like gravel from a distance

The color of the rubber is the actual color through and through

So unlike all tire mulch there is no leaching over time.

Pictures Of Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch on Play Grounds

This montessori school contracted with us to cover their dirty tire mulch that was really upsetting the parents since their kids were coming home filthy.

We will gladly walk you or your contractor through the installation process.  We also offer installation in select areas.


Please Fill out the contact form with the dimensions of your project for Help Determining how Much Mulch is Needed

Sleep well at night knowing you own the best safety surface available!


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