Military and Training Rubber

Rubber Mulch is the safety surfacing of choice for military obstacle courses, ropes courses, and combat training pits. Number one in shock absorbency, Rubber Mulch has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of military training injuries. Durable and skid-proof, Rubber Mulch is made to last for a lifetime of rigorous military training.  Rubber Mulch is a clean, non-toxic, odor free material made from recycled vulcanized rubber that will not deteriorate.  No order is too large for Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Can Provide Bulk Delivery in Special military colors with very little turn around time. Call us today to discuss your project.

Rubber Mulch safely absorbs bullets in shooting ranges, serving as the perfect backstop for your shooting range!

Military and Training Rubber FAQs

Is there any steel content in Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing?

No, unlike our competitors, Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing is produced from pre-consumer virgin rubber rather than tire rubber and guaranteed to be 100% wire-free making it the SAFEST CHOICE for any application.

How is shock-absorption determined?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Testing Company, and the State of Illinois, among numerous state and federal agencies, independent laboratories and licensed testing companies have conducted various tests designed to measure the shock-absorption of various surface materials as they relate to falling objects. Rubber chips have been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material. This is particularly important because more than 550,000 playground injuries end up in the emergency room every year. That is more than 1,500 visits per day. The majority of those injuries are attributed to falls. Therefore you can’t afford to have anything less for your child’s safty than Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Playground Surfacing.

Why is Rubber mulch from non-tire sources better than rubber mulch from tires for a training facility?

Not only is our rubber mulch 100 percent wire free, it SURPASSES tire rubber and all other IPEMA listed products for SAFETY FALL PROTECTION per DTL Evaluation, ASTM standards. (ASTM F1292-04).

Will Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing disintegrate or decompose?

No. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing is made from 100% vulcanized rubber. The vulcanizing process makes the rubber almost indestructible.

Is Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing ever dusty or slippery?

No. In addition to promoting almost instantaneous drainage, Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing retains small amounts of moisture, which is just enough to prevent the accumulation of dust and slipperiness.

Does Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Mulch wash or blow away?

No. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces Premium Rubber Surfacing and Mulch is too heavy to be significantly affected by normal high winds and does not float.

What is the Warranty for your Rubber Mulch?

All of Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces products  are guaranteed by the manufactures for the impact performance of  Rubber Mulch for twenty years. Note: Failure to maintain appropriate depth, as determined according to the highest potential fall height, may void manufacturer warranty and cause permanent injury or harm.  Contact us for specific warranty information for each specific rubber mulch product.