EquiBean Equestrian Rubber

Now horses will move better, freer, with more relaxation, length of stride and suspension, when you add Equibean Rubber Mulch to your riding surfaces. Made from recycled rubber, EquiBean Arena Rubber Mulch is long-lasting in either indoor or outdoor applications and is suitable for all types of weather and climates, all year round.

Rubber Mulch reduces dust and overall maintenance while enhancing performance.

Rubber Mulch can help reduce the destruction of your horse’s bones, joints, and soft tissue while providing the rider with a superior riding surface.

Equibean Rubber Mulch for Equestrians and Arenas FAQ

Does Rubber Mulch contain steel?

No. We offer the best rubber mulch for arenas.  We have the only recycled  rubber mulch that never had any wire to start with so it is guaranteed to be 100 percent wire free.

Will Rubber Mulch fall apart, disintegrate, or decay?

No. The vulcanizing process that our rubber undergoes renders them basically indestructible. Since Rubber Mulch is made of 100% recycled rubber, it cannot decompose or crumble.

What Colors Does Rubber Mulch come in?

Rubber Mulch comes in many different colors to match your stable or corporate colors.

Does Rubber Mulch become slippery?

No. The Rubber Mulch/sand combination provides the best traction possible. Excess moisture drains almost instantaneously from Rubber Mulch, and Rubber Mulch will never freeze.

Does Rubber Mulch get dusty?

Rubber Mulch is the product of choice to reduce dust; since rubber does not decompose, Rubber Mulch will never generate dust. The type of sand mixed with Rubber Mulch will have a large bearing on the amount of dust your arena will accumulate.

Do winds and rain blow or wash outdoor Rubber Mulch surfaces away?

Not ours. Typical strong winds and rain cannot lift Rubber Mulch chips; they are also too heavy to float.  Some rubber recyclers shread rubber very fine that can cause it to float away, we keep the rubber mulch in pieces that will not float.

Does Equibean Rubber Mulch only come in multi colored?

Our most popular product for Equstrain applications resembles a gravel color from a distance

What is the Warranty for your Rubber Mulch?

Rubber Mulch integrity is guaranteed for 20 years.