SteriGrind Recycled Rubber: Non-tire Crumb Rubber

SteriGrind crumb rubber is a fine ground rubber particle manufactured of 100% pre consumer virgin rubber, designed to enhance your playing field! Distributed amongst synthetic grass, Non-Tire Crumb Rubber adds the extra cushioning and springiness that helps keep athletes safe. Crumb Rubber stays dry, drains moisture, and reduces dust and mud; so no matter what the weather, your field is ready for action!

We offer crumb rubber in many different mesh grades, let us know your needs and most likely we can help.

  • Provides optimal traction and cushion
  • Proven Non-toxic, odorless, and  much clean
  • Economical-made for a lifetime!
  • Available in different grades for different applications
  • Never rots or decomposes
  • Discourages insect infestation
  • Won’t blow away in wind or rain
  • Never freezes
  • Made of 100% Recycled Rubber not from tires!

Crumb Rubber FAQ

What is the advantage of Crumb Rubber for athletic fields?

Crumb Rubber gives athletic fields the extra cushioning and bounce that rubber is known for, which is a real boon for athletes! And Crumb Rubber is a terrific asset in wet weather, since it dries instantaneously and provides the extra traction that keeps fields safe, even after the rain.

What sizes are available of Crumb Rubber?
Crumb Rubber is available in several different mesh grades.  Call us with the details of your project for help selecting the best product.

Does Crumb Rubber contain steel?
No. We sell non-tire crumb rubber so theres no steel in the product to begin with.

Will Crumb Rubber fall apart, disintegrate, or decay?
No. The vulcanizing process that our rubber goes through prevents it from breaking down.

Does Crumb Rubber become dusty or slippery?
No. Crumb Rubber holds on to just enough moisture to prevent dust and slipperiness from building up, while draining excess moisture almost instantaneously.

Do winds and rain blow or wash Crumb Rubber away?
No. Crumb Rubber gets incorporated into the ground surfacing, and will almost never be impacted by winds or rain.

How must play areas be prepared before installing Crumb Rubber?
According to manufactures specifications, Crumb Rubber is delivered in both bulk and super sacks.

Email or call us about how we can create the perfect synthetic surface.