Rubber Sports and Safety Surfacing

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces developed its first poured-in-place products to meet market requirements and unique surfacing applications. Due to the need for economical poured-in-place surfacing, our initial product designs were made using locally available waste tire. One of the first products we developed was for infant and toddler use. Out of this need came our inner tube poured-in-place surface, which is softer and less abrasive.

For higher use areas in parks and school playgrounds we developed our granulated poured-in-place surfaces, again using waste tires. To achieve cost savings, these products are manufactured using specially formulated pigmented binders which provide the color to the surfacing. Unlike other binders, our binders are specifically designed for playground applications and come in Red, green, clear and blue.

In response to the needs of designers and architects, we provide a full line of EPDM poured-in-place surfaces. For economic considerations, we take our own unique approach to these premium systems by using locally available recycled rubber for base mat construction.

Our products are manufactured using both aromatic and premium aliphatic binders.

We use only premium quality EPDM rubber, available in a wide variety of colors. Surfaces can contain 100% single color, typical 50/50 blends, or a variety of colors.

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Rubber Sports and Safety Surface FAQs

What is rubber safety surfacing?

Rubber Surfacing is composed of E.P.D.M. or recycled rubber, bonded by a specially formulated binder. Outdoor synthetic Surfaces poured–in–place rubber surface results in a seamless surface, greatly reducing the liability of tripping hazards.  Rubber Safety Surfacing can be used for walkways, playgrounds, tracks, sport courts, spray parks, golf cart paths.

Who Purchases rubber Safety surfacing?

Daycares, schools, parks, commercial developments, Nursing homes, Neighborhoods, Churches, Training Facilities

Can rubber safety surfaces be vandilized?

Outdoor Synthetic surfaces provides a rubber safety surface that has proven to be the most effective playground choice for resisting vandalism due to our hand-trawled installation and seamless construction.

Do your Products meet American Disabilities Act requirements?

All of  Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces are in compliance with ADA for wheelchair Accessibility.

How does Rubber Surfacing preform in times of heavy rain?

Rubber surfacing is porous, eliminating standing water immediately after rainfall. This unique feature allows activity to resume quickly on your surface.  This is also why Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces is able to install rubber surfacing on water features and spray parks.

What is the enviromental impact of your product?

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces uses 100% recycled rubber granules from post-consumer tire rubber and inner tube rubber.

What maintenance is required for my walkway, playground or Spray pad?

Poured in place rubber surfacing is a long–lasting durable surface that requires minimal maintenance and carries a multi–year warranty. Outdoor synthetic Surfaces rubber surface is virtually maintenance–free and can be cleaned by sweeping off and/or power vacuuming.

Do your rubber surfaces become slippery?

No. Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces unique friction coefficient characteristics greatly reduce the probability of slip/fall accidents.

What is the warranty on your product?

The warranty varies based on the product installed, please ask your rep for details

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