Recycled Rubber Playground Mulch Myths and Facts

More and more, we’re seeing recycled rubber and other green products being used in the construction of children’s playgrounds. One material in particular is being used in playground installation all over the country – rubber mulch.

Understandably, many parents and contractors have questions and concerns about recycled rubber being used as playground mulch. Let’s examine some of them now by exploring a few of the myths and facts of recycled rubber.

Myth: All rubber mulch is made of tire tread

Mulch in playground construction. Many manufactures use rubbers such as SBR and EPDM, which come from inner-tubes and other sources. These rubbers contain no metal fragments, and are recycled into a safe mulch that’s suitable for play.

Fact: Rubber mulch is shock absorbent

Mulch made from recycled rubber is safer for children. This is because, unlike other mulches, rubber mulch is shock absorbent. This makes a play environment with towers and swings far less dangerous.

Myth: Rubber mulch is an expensive alternative

Because it doesn’t float or blow away, rubber mulch is a worthwhile investment. Unlike natural mulches, it doesn’t need to be replaced every year. This can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Fact: Recycled rubber mulch is good for the environment

Waste management is a big environmental issue. Waste from human consumption piles up, and overflows dump sites and landfills. One way to alleviate this issue is by using recycled products. The recycling process brings new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste, or worse, damage their surrounding environment. Since other mulches tend to be organic, they’re often harvest at the expense of the planet. Using recycled materials is the responsible thing to do.

From looking at these myths and facts, we can see that recycled rubber is a safe and green alternative to wood mulch, sand, and other surface materials used in playground.


Recycled rubber mulch is just one product provided by Outdoor Synthetic Services, a Houston, TX based company that provides green artificial materials. They also sell synthetic grass, pine straw, and other artificial turfs to the Houston community and worldwide.

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