Recycled Rubber Mulch: The Best Choice for Playground Safety

Rubber playground mulch has gained in popularity all over the world due to its many safety benefits. It is great for reducing impacts from falls and does not become slippery because it does not retain a significant amount of moisture. The best type of recycled rubber playground mulch is made from inner tubes because it does not have any wire in the mix and is made into bigger pieces so they do not get stuck in kids’ shoes and clothes. With so many positive reasons to use recycled rubber mulch it is no surprise that it is being used in so many playgrounds today.

When building a new playground or upgrading an old one, choosing earth friendly mulch not only helps promote green living but is a great way to keep kids safe while enjoying the outdoors. Unlike other types of mulch, recycled rubber mulch does not wash or blow away. It is too heavy for normal winds to transport it and it does not float in water. Rubber mulch from inner tubs have bigger pieces compared to mulch made from tires. The larger pieces reduce the amount that is carried away from the kids’ shoes and clothes. This helps playgrounds not have to continually reorder mulch each year to compensate for what has been washed, blown, and walked away. Safety mulch made from 100% vulcanized rubber will not decompose and is virtually indestructible.

Parents want to be able to trust that their kids will remain unhurt when playing on a playground. However, they know that bumps and falls do happen when kids are running around and having a good time with others their same age. Recycled rubber mulch is perfect for playgrounds because of their shock-absorption. Since most playground injuries are from falls, having a softer surface material that can absorb some of the fall is very important. When it comes to playground safety, choosing a rubber mulch is an easy way to promote healthy play.

Playground safety is important to Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, a company based in Houston but provides their products worldwide. They offer recycled rubber playground mulch in addition to synthetic pine straw and landscape rubber mulch in Houston.

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