Recycled Rubber Creates More Garden Mulch Choices

Landscaping mulch in Houston is a great way to save money and make a garden look great but some are better than others. Rubber garden mulch makes a lawn look more attractive while giving homeowners time to actually enjoy the garden rather than tend to it. Finding long-lasting and earth friendly mulch can be a wonderful investment since it is available in a variety of colors,  not toxic to children and pets, and is a good way to insulate root systems during harsh winters.

Recycled Rubber Garden Mulch Provides Numerous Benefits

A garden mulch can help reduce weeds and make the garden look more uniform and attractive. However, a rubber garden mulch can go above and beyond with its benefits. Not only do customers save time and money on the mulch itself, often after just the first year of choosing a rubber mulch they can also save money from their water bill because recycled rubber garden mulch conserves moisture around flower and shrub roots. Rubber mulch colors are more vibrant and last for many years so customers can enjoy the look of freshly laid mulch long after it is actually spread around trees and flower beds.

Fighting weeds can seem like a losing battle with traditional garden mulch options. Luckily, recycled rubber mulch acts as a weed barrier when a two inch application is used. Earth friendly mulch is great for residential and commercial landscapes, including schools and golf courses. It does not harm plants, children, and pets so it is safe to use virtually anywhere. It does not attract insects and actually deters mosquito nesting because rubber mulch stays dry on top.

A professional company that sells recycled rubber mulch for gardens can answer customer questions regarding how much is needed for full coverage. A company can also go over their list of rubber mulch colors so customers can select which one matches their landscape. If price is an issue, customers can add up how much they typically spend each year on traditional mulch and can easily find that after just a year they will save money by switching to a recycled rubber garden mulch.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, based in Houston, offers a variety of recycled rubber garden mulch for their worldwide customers. They also offer high-quality synthetic turf and safe playground rubber mulch.

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