Perfect Personal Putting Greens

Houston synthetic putting greens are becoming more and more popular. Why? It’s because they’re a great alternative to the costly tee-offs and memberships at golf clubs. They allow you to have a personal practice space, and to practice at any time of the day or night. Many golf lovers, both professional and amateur, have built personal putting green for practice. Although some might think to the contrary, the preferred practice green among golf aficionados is synthetic. What are some of the advantages of having artificial turf?

Natural grass requires regular maintenance, which is why golf clubs hire staff to take care of their greens full time. Synthetic grass always stays one length, never needs watering, fertilizing or seeding, and can’t be damaged as easily as natural grass can be. If you’re looking to build a backyard putting green, artificial turf is the easiest and most affordable material to work with. Even golf clubs have begun to build practice spaces using artificial materials, and there are several synthetic putting greens in Houston.

Another interesting advantage to a synthetic putting green is it’s versatility depending on your living circumstances and space requirements. Some, whose home does not allow them space for an outdoor green, have taken the concept of a personal putting green to a whole new level by building their practice space inside. This allows them to practice at their leisure, regardless of the weather conditions. They can even practice in their pajamas!

There’s often a concern that synthetic grass won’t play the same as natural grass. However, advances in technology have allowed scientists to simulate natural grass’ effect on a golf ball perfectly using artificial material. Now, there is virtually no difference in play between natural grass and artificial turf. No wonder there are so many putting greens using fake grass in Houston.


Houston synthetic putting greens are just one service of Outdoor Synthetic Services, a company based in Houston that specializes in synthetic products. They strive to provide environmentally safe fake grass in Houston, and can build affordable personal putting greens.

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