Express Yourself with Recycled Rubber Garden Mulch (for playgrounds too!)

Recycled rubber garden mulch is an excellent way to save money on landscaping costs. Instead of buying mulch once or twice every year customers can select a rubber mulch that does not fade, float or blow away, rot, or attract insects. It also allows customers to actually enjoy their backyards without having to fuss over it in their limited spare time. Rubber mulch comes in a selection of colors that blends in with its surrounding landscape and really accentuate trees and flowers. Brighter colors are popular for playgrounds that want to match the playground equipment or blend in with grassy areas around it.

Expressing yourself is easy when it comes to the wonderful colored rubber mulch choices. In fact, there are great color choices for playgrounds that want to take advantage of recycled rubber’s excellent shock-absorption qualities. Green Grass, Caribbean Blue, and Black Pearl are popular colors for playgrounds. For landscapes there are beautiful choices, such as California Redwood, Brown, Cypress and more.

More and more people are using rubber mulch for both their landscaping and playgrounds. Many children and adults are irritated by dust, but recycled rubber mulch made from inner tubes does not make any dust so everyone can have fun playing. For gardens, it helps retain water near the plants’ roots yet stays dry on top so it does not become a nesting ground for pesky mosquitoes. It also helps insulate plants when it is very hot or very cold outside.

When it comes to colored rubber mulch for gardens there are plenty of colors available that can showcase stunning flowers, trees, and shrubs. Those that have the mulch two inches thick can see less weeds so maintenance time is dramatically reduced. Also, keep in mind how much time is saved by not having to continually buy and spread traditional mulch every year. Just do it once with recycled rubber garden mulch and enjoy it for years to come.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces in Houston sells high-quality recycled rubber products including rubber garden mulch and rubber playground mulch. They have a wide variety of rubber mulch colors to choose from so customers can easily select ones that match their Houston landscape.

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Top Five Benefits of Rubber Playground Mulch

Rubber mulch in Houston has grown in popularity for landscapes and playgrounds because of their numerous health benefits. It is cost effective, safe for children, and provides extra cushioning for those falls that are bound to happen sooner or later when a group of kids are running wild on the playground. When it comes to child safety, parks, neighborhoods, and home playgrounds can truly benefit from using recycled inner tube playground mulch.

The safest type of rubber playground mulch are those that are made from recycled inner tubes that have absolutely no wire in them. This prevents children from getting scraped when playing on the ground or when they fall. Rubber mulch made from tires are often ground into small pieces with the wire still intact. Inner tube mulch has no wires and is kept in larger pieces so they do not get trapped in kids’ shoes and clothing.

Protect Children with Recycled Rubber Playground Mulch

Recycled inner tube playground mulch is kept at six inches thick to be the best protection for falls. Playground safety mulch absorbs the most shock impact than any other standard surface material. This makes a huge difference since there are 1,500 visits to the emergency room everyday from playground injuries.

It seems like more and more children are developing allergies. Dust can be an irritant that other playground surfaces produce. Recycled rubber mulch for playgrounds does not make or gather dust. It is also odorless and nontoxic so children and pets are safe when enjoying playtime. Rubber mulch does not attract termites or other insects. It does not float away which means less has to be continually bought to replace pieces have been lost throughout the year.

Rubber playground mulch comes in all sorts of colors. Parents can find their child’s favorite color to add it to their backyard playground. Neighborhoods can choose a mulch that matches landscaping or is bright and colorful to simulate children. With countless positive aspects of rubber mulch, every playground can benefit from its uniqueness and safety qualities.

Houston recycled rubber playground mulch by Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces lets parents and children enjoy the outdoors on safety mulch made from recycled inner tubes. Other synthetic surfaces they offer include landscape rubber mulch and synthetic pet turfs.

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Recycled Rubber Creates More Garden Mulch Choices

Landscaping mulch in Houston is a great way to save money and make a garden look great but some are better than others. Rubber garden mulch makes a lawn look more attractive while giving homeowners time to actually enjoy the garden rather than tend to it. Finding long-lasting and earth friendly mulch can be a wonderful investment since it is available in a variety of colors,  not toxic to children and pets, and is a good way to insulate root systems during harsh winters.

Recycled Rubber Garden Mulch Provides Numerous Benefits

A garden mulch can help reduce weeds and make the garden look more uniform and attractive. However, a rubber garden mulch can go above and beyond with its benefits. Not only do customers save time and money on the mulch itself, often after just the first year of choosing a rubber mulch they can also save money from their water bill because recycled rubber garden mulch conserves moisture around flower and shrub roots. Rubber mulch colors are more vibrant and last for many years so customers can enjoy the look of freshly laid mulch long after it is actually spread around trees and flower beds.

Fighting weeds can seem like a losing battle with traditional garden mulch options. Luckily, recycled rubber mulch acts as a weed barrier when a two inch application is used. Earth friendly mulch is great for residential and commercial landscapes, including schools and golf courses. It does not harm plants, children, and pets so it is safe to use virtually anywhere. It does not attract insects and actually deters mosquito nesting because rubber mulch stays dry on top.

A professional company that sells recycled rubber mulch for gardens can answer customer questions regarding how much is needed for full coverage. A company can also go over their list of rubber mulch colors so customers can select which one matches their landscape. If price is an issue, customers can add up how much they typically spend each year on traditional mulch and can easily find that after just a year they will save money by switching to a recycled rubber garden mulch.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, based in Houston, offers a variety of recycled rubber garden mulch for their worldwide customers. They also offer high-quality synthetic turf and safe playground rubber mulch.

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Recycled Rubber Mulch: The Best Choice for Playground Safety

Rubber playground mulch has gained in popularity all over the world due to its many safety benefits. It is great for reducing impacts from falls and does not become slippery because it does not retain a significant amount of moisture. The best type of recycled rubber playground mulch is made from inner tubes because it does not have any wire in the mix and is made into bigger pieces so they do not get stuck in kids’ shoes and clothes. With so many positive reasons to use recycled rubber mulch it is no surprise that it is being used in so many playgrounds today.

When building a new playground or upgrading an old one, choosing earth friendly mulch not only helps promote green living but is a great way to keep kids safe while enjoying the outdoors. Unlike other types of mulch, recycled rubber mulch does not wash or blow away. It is too heavy for normal winds to transport it and it does not float in water. Rubber mulch from inner tubs have bigger pieces compared to mulch made from tires. The larger pieces reduce the amount that is carried away from the kids’ shoes and clothes. This helps playgrounds not have to continually reorder mulch each year to compensate for what has been washed, blown, and walked away. Safety mulch made from 100% vulcanized rubber will not decompose and is virtually indestructible.

Parents want to be able to trust that their kids will remain unhurt when playing on a playground. However, they know that bumps and falls do happen when kids are running around and having a good time with others their same age. Recycled rubber mulch is perfect for playgrounds because of their shock-absorption. Since most playground injuries are from falls, having a softer surface material that can absorb some of the fall is very important. When it comes to playground safety, choosing a rubber mulch is an easy way to promote healthy play.

Playground safety is important to Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, a company based in Houston but provides their products worldwide. They offer recycled rubber playground mulch in addition to synthetic pine straw and landscape rubber mulch in Houston.

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Recycled Rubber Playground Mulch Myths and Facts

More and more, we’re seeing recycled rubber and other green products being used in the construction of children’s playgrounds. One material in particular is being used in playground installation all over the country – rubber mulch.

Understandably, many parents and contractors have questions and concerns about recycled rubber being used as playground mulch. Let’s examine some of them now by exploring a few of the myths and facts of recycled rubber.

Myth: All rubber mulch is made of tire tread

Mulch in playground construction. Many manufactures use rubbers such as SBR and EPDM, which come from inner-tubes and other sources. These rubbers contain no metal fragments, and are recycled into a safe mulch that’s suitable for play.

Fact: Rubber mulch is shock absorbent

Mulch made from recycled rubber is safer for children. This is because, unlike other mulches, rubber mulch is shock absorbent. This makes a play environment with towers and swings far less dangerous.

Myth: Rubber mulch is an expensive alternative

Because it doesn’t float or blow away, rubber mulch is a worthwhile investment. Unlike natural mulches, it doesn’t need to be replaced every year. This can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Fact: Recycled rubber mulch is good for the environment

Waste management is a big environmental issue. Waste from human consumption piles up, and overflows dump sites and landfills. One way to alleviate this issue is by using recycled products. The recycling process brings new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste, or worse, damage their surrounding environment. Since other mulches tend to be organic, they’re often harvest at the expense of the planet. Using recycled materials is the responsible thing to do.

From looking at these myths and facts, we can see that recycled rubber is a safe and green alternative to wood mulch, sand, and other surface materials used in playground.


Recycled rubber mulch is just one product provided by Outdoor Synthetic Services, a Houston, TX based company that provides green artificial materials. They also sell synthetic grass, pine straw, and other artificial turfs to the Houston community and worldwide.

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