Invest in the Safety of Your Playground Today

Playground mulch is an excellent choice for keeping kids safe when on the playground. Children can enjoy playing on the softer surface while parents can feel better by knowing how much safer it is compared to other playground surfaces. Investing in the initial price of recycled rubber mulch may be more money up front, but customers save money over the years that they do not have to buy more to replenish what a natural mulch loses from wind, water, and being carried away on clothing and shoes.

To begin with, recycled rubber playground mulch is the safest playground surface available today. It has the highest amount of shock-absorption than any other surface, including pea moss, wood mulch, and sand. Since accidents happen every day resulting in children having to go to the hospital after getting hurt on a playground, it is important to use a playground surface that will reduce the amount of injuries that occur.

Rubber mulch does not get dusty and retains a little bit of water which prevents it from getting slippery. Rubber playground mulch that has been recycled from inner tubes do not have any wires in the mix that could nick children. Other types of playground surfaces easily leave the playground area from getting in shoes or sticking to clothing. Rubber playground mulch does not get stuck on shoes and clothing, nor does it float away in water or blow away in wind. It is a great investment that lets customers save money over the years.

When parents look for a playground to take their children to they want to go somewhere that is safe. Recycled rubber playground mulch is the safest playground surface and parents understand that it helps reduce the amount of injuries from falls, which are all too common on a playground. Children will not slip on the rubber or have an allergic reaction from dust. When it comes to playground safety rubber mulch is the top choice.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, based in Houston, offers safe recycled rubber playground mulch in a variety of colors to its worldwide customers. They also have environmentally-friendly landscape rubber mulch and a selection of synthetic turf.

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Rubber Mulch: Stays in Place in Rainy and Windy Conditions

Choosing the perfect outdoor mulch can be a difficult decision with so many choices available today. Rubber mulch may be an investment at first but it pays for itself as it outlasts any other type of mulch. It does not wash away in water or blow away on windy days so owners do not have to replenish it each year. Its color does not fade so green thumbs can make their garden look great year-round instead of only in the spring and summer. Another pro for rubber mulch is since it does not require laying more out each year, owners save valuable time. Instead of working hard in the garden they can actually relax and enjoy the view they have given themselves. There are many advantages when it comes to synthetic turfs and is something everyone should try.

One concern many people have is whether or not rubber mulch gets washed or blown away. They may assume like other regular types of mulch, rubber mulch is lightweight and floats in water. In fact, rubber mulch is heavier and more durable than other mulches. It does not float in heavy rains and is heavy enough that it stays grounded during those windy days. This is very valuable since every year people who use other types of mulch need to buy more to make up for what was lost during rainfalls, thunderstorms, and windy conditions. Rubber mulch is made from recycled rubber, which does not get trapped in clothing. This means children will not leave the playground with a handful-worth of mulch as they go home like they wood with mulch made from other materials.

An outdoor synthetic turf is made to stay put. It withstands harsh weather conditions because it is made with those types of conditions in mind. No more having to buy more mulch once or twice a year to keep a yard looking good for a couple of months. Have your yard look like you just finished working on it all throughout the year by using a rubber mulch.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces sells various types of outdoor synthetic surfaces that are eco-friendly and will not wash or blow away. Their shock-absorbing rubber playground mulch keeps children safe while playing outdoors while their synthetic pet turf keeps paths from being formed from dogs continually running back and forth.

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Benefits of Synthetic Turf


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Rubber Mulch for Playground Safety

Rubber mulch has become a popular choice to use on playgrounds because of its various benefits. One of those benefit is that it helps prevent serious injuries in children. Sooner or later, when running, jumping, sliding, and swinging a fall or bump is bound to happen. When it comes to protecting children, parents want what is best for them and rubber mulch is exactly that. Rubber playground mulch comes in a variety of colors so it can look as natural or as colorful as you want while it has higher shock-absorption than regular mulch.

State and federal agencies have conducted tests to see how much shock-absorption rubber playground mulch provides compared to regular mulch. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Testing Company have tested rubber chips and have found that it does absorb more shock than standard surface materials. In fact, the tests they have conducted have found that a layer of rubber mulch that is at least six inches deep is the best play surface available today. Other surfaces they tested include pea gravel, wood and bark mulch, course sand, and fine gravel but rubber mulch comes out on top. It can double the safety of a playground because of how much shock it can absorb.

There are rubber playground mulches available that do not get slippery because it retains small amounts of moisture that is just enough to keep it from getting dusty or slippery. This can come in handy when sprinklers hit the playground or after a rainfall because children can still run around on the playground without slipping and falling. When walking onto a playground with rubber playground mulch you can automatically tell the difference. Other play surfaces seem just as hard as your front yard but as soon as you walk on recycled playground mulch you can feel the “give” it has. Parents with active children do not want to worry about their children hurting themselves on a playground and recycled rubber mulch lets them feel more at ease during playtime.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, based in Houston, offers a variety of safe <a href=" losartan”>recycled rubber playground mulch for their worldwide customers. They also offer high-quality synthetic turf and garden rubber mulch.

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Rubber Mulch for All Landscapes

Nothing says it is springtime like fresh flowers blooming in flower beds. It is great to be able to sit outside and enjoy the view while it lasts. However, that is not always the case when mulch has to be spread and weeds have to be pulled. With a landscape rubber mulch, homeowners will not have to strain their backs to get their lawn looking perfect. Instead, they can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the world go by their beautiful garden.

The great thing about recycled rubber mulch is that it looks great year-round without having to buy more each season. Color gardens really pop with some brown or black rubber mulch. The color does not fade so winter plants can look just as nice as those in the spring and summer. Another benefit to rubber mulch is that it helps insulate plants from harsh winter temperatures and winds. The plants roots are kept at a temperature that is better for them so they can flourish.

These shrubs could really shine with some recycled rubber mulch that is a California Redwood color. The redness of the mulch will help the shrubs pop out when close up or looking from a distance. An additional benefit to landscape rubber mulch is that it does not attract insects, including mosquitoes and termites. It retains moisture underneath while staying dry on top so mosquitoes cannot nest.
Recycled rubber landscape mulch does not have to be used only for flower gardens. Vegetable gardens can also benefit from its unique qualities of protecting roots to promote a plant’s growth. Vegetable growers can choose a rubber mulch in black to match the soil’s natural color or green for natural grass. Rubber mulch for landscapes can even just be laid in between vegetables for a cleaner looking path.

No matter what type of landscape you have, recycled landscape rubber mulch can increase its attractiveness and make every passer-by take a second look. It is a cost-effective way to win your neighborhood’s yard-of-the-month that lasts for years. Whether you are looking for black, green, brown, or blue, there is a rubber mulch in that color that will fit in perfectly with your garden.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces provides a wide selection of rubber mulch colors to match any landscape. They offer other types of synthetic surfaces, including synthetic pet turfs and recycled rubber playground mulch to fit every one’s needs.
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