Landscape and Gardening with Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch can benefit gardeners that are only starting out or those that consider it a hobby and spend a lot of time outdoors with their plants. No matter how much experience you have gardening, landscape rubber mulch helps plants thrive in all types of weather conditions. It looks great year-round and saves money over the years. Residential homes, commercial buildings, parks, and other places with outdoor landscapes can benefit from using a landscape rubber mulch instead of the more traditional options.

One thing about landscape mulch is that it tends to look great in the spring, okay in the summer, and dull in the fall and winter. The color fades, pieces get blown or washed away, and it just starts looking old. Rubber mulch diminishes those problems since its color does not fade for eight years, nor does it get blown away since it is too heavy and it cannot get washed away since it does not float.

Another problem area that comes with traditional garden mulch is it often has bugs and termites. Without the added wood in your garden beds and such, rubber gardening mulch does not attract unwanted bugs and the problems that termites bring with them. Instead, these pests will move on to other landscapes that do not use rubber mulch. The same goes with mosquitoes since rubber mulch remains dry on top, which is wear mosquitoes look to nest.

Weeds are a bother but rubber landscape mulch acts as a weed barrier when its application is two inches or more in depth. With so many advantages rubber mulch brings for gardening and landscaping it really is an ideal option for a hassle-free yard. Since it does not need to get replenished each year due to fading or losing pieces throughout the year, gardeners can save money and enjoy a beautiful garden no matter what season it is.

Outdoor synthetic surfaces, a Houston-based company, sells a wide variety of synthetic surfaces to customers worldwide. Their landscape rubber mulch comes in multiple colors and their synthetic pet turf is perfect for those that want a perfect yard for their pets.

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