Is all Rubber Mulch the Same?

No!  All Rubber Mulch is not the same.  In the early development of rubber mulch, rubber mulch was made solely from old tire tread.  Rubber mulch has become the safety surface of choice over time because of its longevity, fall safety data, and its cost effectiveness over time.  Rubber Mulch which is recycled from tires is 97-99.99% wire free by volume.  The 97-99% grade is good for being used for landscaping but not for playgrounds.  The mulch with a rating of 99 percent or higher is ok for playgrounds but, Is it really?  By the math, 99 percent wire free rubber mulch could have up to 20 pounds of steel belting still in it.  This is precisely why Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces has come up with ways to make a safer alternative to the tire mulch by recycling non-tire rubber.  We source pre-consumer SBR and EPDM rubber that is free of contaminants and sterile, to produce our Flagship 100 percent wire free rubber Mulch.  Most of our rubber comes from manufacturers that have cutoffs from their production process. We also get rubber from companies that produces products that do not meet their specifications. This material that would normally end up in a landfill makes an excellent choice for playground.  Because we do not have to extract all of the wire from the mulch like we do with tire mulch we are able to keep the mulch in larger pieces which are less likely to float, blow away and get stuck in children’s shoes.  These benefits are quickly helping Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces become the number one choice for playground safety surfacing around the world.

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