Invest in the Safety of Your Playground Today

Playground mulch is an excellent choice for keeping kids safe when on the playground. Children can enjoy playing on the softer surface while parents can feel better by knowing how much safer it is compared to other playground surfaces. Investing in the initial price of recycled rubber mulch may be more money up front, but customers save money over the years that they do not have to buy more to replenish what a natural mulch loses from wind, water, and being carried away on clothing and shoes.

To begin with, recycled rubber playground mulch is the safest playground surface available today. It has the highest amount of shock-absorption than any other surface, including pea moss, wood mulch, and sand. Since accidents happen every day resulting in children having to go to the hospital after getting hurt on a playground, it is important to use a playground surface that will reduce the amount of injuries that occur.

Rubber mulch does not get dusty and retains a little bit of water which prevents it from getting slippery. Rubber playground mulch that has been recycled from inner tubes do not have any wires in the mix that could nick children. Other types of playground surfaces easily leave the playground area from getting in shoes or sticking to clothing. Rubber playground mulch does not get stuck on shoes and clothing, nor does it float away in water or blow away in wind. It is a great investment that lets customers save money over the years.

When parents look for a playground to take their children to they want to go somewhere that is safe. Recycled rubber playground mulch is the safest playground surface and parents understand that it helps reduce the amount of injuries from falls, which are all too common on a playground. Children will not slip on the rubber or have an allergic reaction from dust. When it comes to playground safety rubber mulch is the top choice.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, based in Houston, offers safe recycled rubber playground mulch in a variety of colors to its worldwide customers. They also have environmentally-friendly landscape rubber mulch and a selection of synthetic turf.

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