Houston Synthetic Grass: Not Your Dad’s Astroturf™

Synthetic grass in Houston today bears little relationship to the Astroturf™ that debuted in the 1960’s in the newly built Houston Astrodome, the first sports facility to install artificial grass.  At the time, it was considered a perfect alternative because the domed stadium did not allow the direct sunlight required for grass to grow. Several other athletic fields followed suit because owners became enamored of the cost-effectiveness of not having to water or feed the grass, or cut plastic to protect it.

However, fans and players alike were less than thrilled with Astroturf™; the former because they were football purists who believed that the game was meant to be subject to the vagaries of grass, and the latter because they claimed it was too hard, abrasive and less safe than the natural product. The fact that the ‘60’s artificial grass also looked like plastic was another source of irritation. Modern day synthetic grass in Houston is far removed from its ancestor due to improvements in both the materials and manufacturing process.

Natural-looking, safety underfoot and functionality are just three of the advantages of the synthetic turf product that is manufactured today. Another improvement is found in methods by which the product is installed along with the material that is laid as its foundation. Similar to the foundation laid for a brick paver driveway or patio, crushed stones that do not exceed one-quarter or three-eighths inches are the sub-base of choice.

The environmental positives of field turf in Houston include the elimination of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Water, especially in arid or drought-ridden areas is conserved and maintenance with gas-powered equipment is no longer needed. As a result, the air and ground water pollution that is associated with natural grass maintenance is significantly reduced. The elimination of harmful products also affords a safe space for children and pets to play.

Dramatic changes in lifestyles have occurred over the last 50 years. The concept of leisure time has given way to having little time at all in a technological world that moves at warp speed. Synthetic turf offers an aesthetically pleasant and virtually maintenance-free environment for property owners, whether residential or commercial. In addition, planning for backyard putting greens or play areas for children or pets can be considered without concerns for the cost of maintenance.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces is a premier provider of synthetic grass in Houston. Their synthetic turf products add beauty and functionality to commercial and residential lawns, courtyards and athletic playing fields.  They also provide recycled rubber products, such as rubber playground mulch, rubber landscaping mulch, crumb mulch, and bonded synthetic safety surfaces in Houston.

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