Houston Lawns: End Dog Woes with Synthetic Pet Turf

Houston pet turf for a variety of reasons. Some are tired of their four-legged friends wreaking havoc on their yard. Others are sick of their pets tracking dirt and mud from outside into their homes. Still others have pets with special needs, such as high sensitivity to allergens found in grass.

Why is artificial turf the answer to so many pet owner’s dilemmas? Let’s take a look at some of the solutions artificial grass offers to common issues.

Yard Damage

Anyone whose kept pets that need to go outdoors will tell you that one of the biggest challenges with training their animals is teaching them not to dig. Sometimes these animals just can’t be trained, even after extensive work at home or in obedience schools. Dogs especially are difficult to train, as digging may be a natural instinct for their breed.

When fake grass is installed in a dog run or other pet area, the animal will quickly be discouraged from trying to dig, and since there are options for tough synthetic pet turf in Houston, damage to the turf isn’t an issue.

Home Damage

People who have pets who live inside but need to go outdoors are often frustrated when their animals track mud, dirt, pollen and insects into their homes. This causes extra work for home owners, and can even pose a health hazard.

Artificial grass is a practical and inexpensive alternative.

Health Requirements

Another reason we’re seeing more artificial turf in Houston is because it offers a solution to owners of pets who have special needs, such as allergies. It’s also helpful for pet owners who have sensitivity to pollen and other allergens found in natural grass.

What’s your Pet’s Preference?

A common question among pet owners looking into manufactured grass is how their pet will feel about the switch. If the turf is poorly made, there’s concern that the animals paws may be irritated. Thankfully, there are options for Houston artificial turf which make this a non-issue. Your pet won’t even know the difference!


Houston pet turf is just one specialty of Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces, a Houston based artificial turf company. They strive to make their fake grass environmentally friendly and affordable.

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