Going Green with Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber is environmentally friendly in a number of ways, not the least of which is the fact that it is produced entirely from recycled tires. When used as a rubber mulch, moisture is retained in the soil conserving water usage. Forestry resources are spared and pesticides are not needed as with natural mulches that draw termites and other pests. The product is cost-effective both financially and in the time it takes to maintain, which is literally not at all.

Rubberized mulch serves as an effective insulation for planting during the winter and in the spring and summer as a protection against mosquitoes laying their eggs.  Whereas natural mulch usually requires redoing year after a year, the rubber product only needs to be laid once. It is also available in a number of colors to enhance a landscape theme. The colors are all non-toxic and non-staining making it safe for children and pets.  Impervious to extreme weather conditions, the product is not only eco-green friendly, it save the property owner a great deal of monetary green as well.

Recycled rubber in forms other than mulch,  are highly effective in creating safe spaces for children to play. This is especially true when rubbers mats are used as playground surfaces. The bounce-back nature of the product provides a less rigid surface that absorbs the shock of a fall. The same applies to the mats used as surfaces in outdoor and indoor sport facilities. Rubber walking and running tracks in particular lessen the impact on knees, joints and feet.

Crumb rubber, a granulated form of recycled tires is often used as a base for mulch and matting products. Its most popular use is as a compound mixture with asphalt that is used in paving roadways. The resulting product requires less maintenance and is more durable than the traditional road paving products.

The multiple environmental and cost-effective benefits of employing products made from recycled rubber are worth investigating before the next landscape or plays cape project is initiated.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces is a premier wholesale provider of rubber and synthetic landscapes in Houston. Based in Houston, TX, OSS rubber and synthetic turf products add beauty and functionality to commercial and residential lawns, plus athletic playing fields.  Additional information may be obtained on recycled rubber at OutdoorSyntheticSolutions.com.

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