Express Yourself with Recycled Rubber Garden Mulch (for playgrounds too!)

Recycled rubber garden mulch is an excellent way to save money on landscaping costs. Instead of buying mulch once or twice every year customers can select a rubber mulch that does not fade, float or blow away, rot, or attract insects. It also allows customers to actually enjoy their backyards without having to fuss over it in their limited spare time. Rubber mulch comes in a selection of colors that blends in with its surrounding landscape and really accentuate trees and flowers. Brighter colors are popular for playgrounds that want to match the playground equipment or blend in with grassy areas around it.

Expressing yourself is easy when it comes to the wonderful colored rubber mulch choices. In fact, there are great color choices for playgrounds that want to take advantage of recycled rubber’s excellent shock-absorption qualities. Green Grass, Caribbean Blue, and Black Pearl are popular colors for playgrounds. For landscapes there are beautiful choices, such as California Redwood, Brown, Cypress and more.

More and more people are using rubber mulch for both their landscaping and playgrounds. Many children and adults are irritated by dust, but recycled rubber mulch made from inner tubes does not make any dust so everyone can have fun playing. For gardens, it helps retain water near the plants’ roots yet stays dry on top so it does not become a nesting ground for pesky mosquitoes. It also helps insulate plants when it is very hot or very cold outside.

When it comes to colored rubber mulch for gardens there are plenty of colors available that can showcase stunning flowers, trees, and shrubs. Those that have the mulch two inches thick can see less weeds so maintenance time is dramatically reduced. Also, keep in mind how much time is saved by not having to continually buy and spread traditional mulch every year. Just do it once with recycled rubber garden mulch and enjoy it for years to come.

Outdoor Synthetic Surfaces in Houston sells high-quality recycled rubber products including rubber garden mulch and rubber playground mulch. They have a wide variety of rubber mulch colors to choose from so customers can easily select ones that match their Houston landscape.

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