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Make your Landscape Green with Rubber Mulch

Keeping a green landscape takes a lot of time and dedication, but it can be a little easier when you use rubber mulch. Instead of breaking your back to keep your landscape looking like you just finished working on it, find a rubber landscape mulch that does the work for you. Continue reading

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Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds for Kids’ Safety

Safety should be a main concern when making decisions about a playground and rubber playground mulch is an excellent option that many people have chosen across the country. Continue reading

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Advantage of Using Rubber Mulch

For playgrounds, safety is the number one concern for many parents, which makes rubber playground mulch an excellent choice. With so many places that can take advantage of rubber mulch’s benefits, it is no wonder so many are choosing it over other mulch varieties. Continue reading

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Express Yourself with Recycled Rubber Garden Mulch (for playgrounds too!)

Rubber mulch comes in a selection of colors that blends in with its surrounding landscape and really accentuate trees and flowers. Brighter colors are popular for playgrounds that want to match the playground equipment or blend in with grassy areas around it. Continue reading

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Rubber Mulch Orders are Skyrocketing

This is the time of year where orders pickup, however this year they have exploded!  It is all due to our hottest selling product the 100 percent wire free rubber mulch.  Rubber Mulch has been the choice of school systems … Continue reading

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