Brown Rubber Mulch at home in Houston Heights. Yard of the month winner!

It is not too late to get that yard in order!  We have Rubber Mulch available for purchase in several different colors to make your yard look amazing at all times.  Did you know that rubber mulch keeps the soil cooler by providing extra insulation and since it cannot absorb water like wood mulch all of the precious water applied to the flower bed goes straight to the soil.  Rubber Mulch will not float, blow away or decompose.  There is also no need to worry about termites, other insects, mold, mildew or fungus.  Constant testing has proved rubber mulch to be completely safe for use in playgrounds, landscapes and sports fields. People often ask what are the draw backs of rubber mulch, The only true drawback is that it will not add any nutrients to the soil.  Our customers combat this by adding a compost tea or an organic fertilizer to their beds in lieu of consistently having to re-mulch an area.  By not having to re-mulch, rubber mulch will pay for its self in a few short years and look good all of the time.  When your neighbors mulch is faded and decomposing in December your rubber mulch will be gleaming like the day it came out of the bag losartan online.  Call us today for an estimate to switch to rubber mulch and  stop mulching forever.

Rubber mulch at a home receiving yard of the month

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